The Foundation – Fundacja Centrum Inicjatyw na Rzecz Społeczeństwa  – has been implementing the project titled: „Transparency of meetings of city councils and county councils in Poland”.

The project is being implemented by the Foundation thanks to financial support of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (EEA Funds) of the Programme Citizens for Democracy.

Project implementation’s period is: from the 1st February 2014 till 31st October 2015.

Thematic area of the Project: Public scrutiny

Project Leader: Piotr Sitniewski (Ph.d)

The first objective of the Project: presentation of transparency action of city councils and country councils in Poland

The second objective of the Project: popularisation of transparency principles of power actions authorities.  Targets: city councils (306) and county councils (314)

Three Stages of the Project:

The first stage of the Project – examination of observance of law on the principles of transparency action of city councils and county councils

Acivity 1)  – analysis of BIP (Bulletin of Public Information created in form of websites of public institutions) of target items for fulfilment of the obligations of Art. 6 section 1 on access to public information and constitutional acts.

Activity 2) – analyses of responds of all studied councils for elements constituting the transparency of council (prepared via ePUAP – the Polish Electronic Platform of Services of Public Administration) .

Activity 3) – statutes/regulations analyses of city/county councils for key elements shaping the principle of openness/transparency.

The second stage of the Project – popularisation of research results in Poland

Acitity 1) – Preparation of an interactive map of transparency of councils in Poland on

Activity 2) – Sending newsletters for all municipalities and counties in Poland (freshmail)

Activity 3) – Awarding the Leader of Transparency of local government/ region/ country.

Activity 4) – Sending a book on transparency of action of city/county councils to all municipalities and counties in Poland.